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Wagner Carbon Air Intake System VAG Gen3 2.0TSI MK7 Golf GTI/R & S3 8V

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Application list:

Audi A3 8V 2,0TFSI BJ. 2016-2018 (MKB: CZPB)
Audi S3 8V 2,0TFSI BJ. 2013-2018 (MKB: CJXC/CJXG/DJHA)
VW Golf 7 R 2,0TSI BJ. 2013-2020 (MKB: CJXG/CJXC/DNUE/DJHA)
Skoda Octavia RS 2,0TSI BJ. 2013-2018 (MKB: CHHB/CHHA/DLBA)
Seat Leon Cupra 2,0TSI BJ. 2014-2019 (MKB: CJXE/CJXA/CJXH/DNUC/CJXC/DNUE/CJXG) *

*small adjustment necessary
The WagnerTuning Air-Intake-System is a direct replacement for the factory system removing all the OEM bottlenecks.With complex 3D flow simulations, the carbon air inlet system has been optimised for the best possible flow properties in order to generate maximum performance in combination with a unique intake noise.This kit includes a specially developed sports air filter for maximum filtering effect while lowest possible back pressure. The connection diameter is Ø76mm and is adapted to the original connection diameter of the turbocharger using a silicone hose. The installation of the WagnerTuning air inlet system guarantee superior flow whilst ensuring excellent filtration. This Air-Intake-System offers mass air flow improvements of 50% over OEM. Engine response and power output greatly improved.The WagnerTuning Carbon Air-Intake-Systems quality design, fit and finish enhances the engine bay aesthetics.The kit comes with:1 carbon airbox 1 Ø76mm aluminium intake pipe1 silicon hose (black)1 sports air filter1 mounting material1 installation instruction