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Leyo Motorsport Oil Catch Tank Kit - EA888 Gen 3 VAG Range

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Protect your engine by preventing excessive crankcase oil vapor entering the intake and carbon build up with LEYO Oil Catch Can Kit. Also known as blow-by, oil vapor is produced under load, spirit driving elevates oil vapor level at an incredible rate, it is then circulated back into the intake tract resulting in carbon buildup of the intake valve, trapped oil residuals in both intake tract and intercooler. Unfiltered recirculated oil vapor will not only diminish performance, but also impose devastating effect to the engine.
Filtration begins immediately as oil vapor enters the uniquely designed LEYO Oil Catch Can filtration system, allowing pressurized oil vapor to enter freely, accelerates condensation, effectively traps oil with specially designed perforated stainless steel plates before cleaner gases recirculates back into the intake tract. Made with T304 stainless steel and high grade aluminum ensuring rust free, leak free operation. LEYO R&D team had also included exclusive glass openings for visual indication of waste oil level, with pre-installed drain valve, protecting your pride and joy has never been easier.


  • Installs under factory engine cover
  • Uniquely designed filtration system
  • Pre-installed drain valve for easy draining
  • Unique see through glass window for easy visual indication

Notes: If your car has the washer bottle behind the left hand headlamp (looking at the car from the front) you will need the kit with the Washer Neck Relocation