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AIRTEC Motorsport rear diff/differential cooler.

Designed to lower temperatures of the rear differential, AIRTEC Motorsport are proud to offer a rear diff cooler for the Mk3 Ford Focus RS.

With the rear differential on the new Mk3 Focus RS already proven to be a weak point from factory, causing warning lights to display the AIRTEC motorsport diff cooler is a must have part for your Focus RS.

It is a common fault for the rear diffs to over heat on the MK3 Ford Focus RS 2.3 Ecoboost so this is a must have for any RS owner whether the vehicle is driver hard or not it prolongs the life of the differential and also the oil inside so less need for constant maintenance/servicing on it. (WE DO RECOMMEND THE DIFF OIL IS STILL CHANGED AT THE MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDED INTERVALS)

This diff cooler used original mounting holes and comes pre-drilled ready to install making it a quick and easy install – No drilling required!

Forces the air which would normally pass under the car, to be re-directed straight into the cooling fins. Making this a must have for RS owners planning to hit the race track.

Available in a choice of Nitrous Blue, Pro Series Satin Black or Motorsport Satin silver.

Comes with complete fitting kit & ready to fit.